About Claire

My wife of 35 years and I moved to Illinois in 1991, having been transferred here from Buffalo, NY.  Initially we lived in Naperville, IL and moved to Lisle to care for my ailing mother at home.  Family is very important to us. When our 17 year old nephew was having problems, we welcomed Nick into our home.  Nick is a success story!  He graduated from Lisle High School and attended some classes at College of DuPage.  He is now working full time and making a good living at a company who sees and appreciates his potential.

I have been a volunteer all of my life. I find I derive a lot of satisfaction from helping others.  The past few years my volunteer work has been focused on saving dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  The population of unwanted, tossed aside, and abused pets is overwhelming. Although there are hundreds of rescue organizations, the number of pets in need is staggering.  We have home fostered and cared for over 100 of these animals since 2013 and also work in fundraising.

Since reaching adulthood I have donated blood hundreds of times. It is a simple thing for me to do that provides me with a sense of well being and a feeling I am doing a small part in my community to help others.  I am also registered with the Bone Marrow databank and will happily donate my marrow to someone in need.


My neighbors can count on me to volunteer my time, my tools and knowhow to assist them whenever they need a hand.  Most every neighbor I have ever had has bestowed me with the “best neighbor ever” moniker, which embarrassed me a bit, as I don’t think the things I do for them amount to all that.  However, it is an oft repeated phrase so there must be something to it.

I am a capable businesswoman and today I operate my own small business dealing with Merger and Acquisitions of International Transportation, US Customs Brokerage and Supply Chain companies.  I also have a small real estate venture.  My parents were immigrants and my family was never part of the 1%; we are hard working people doing our best to carve out a living and contribute to the betterment of our communities.  After toiling for the past 35 plus years, we are beginning to think of ourselves as comfortable and look toward the future when we don’t need to work 40 plus hours to pay all the bills.  We achieved this through sound budgeting and cost-cutting as needed.  Having personally managed our family’s finances, I know I can make Lisle more fiscally sound so the Village can continue to offer much-needed services to our residents.

As a cancer survivor, I embrace life and go out and live everyday with gusto.  However, I also know how fortunate I am to have had affordable healthcare so I could battle my cancer and not be left broke, bankrupt and destitute, as is too often the case.

I have many skills and expertise. I am a Licensed Customs Broker, Certified Customs Specialist, and Certified Export Specialist.  I am an avid golfer, SCUBA diver and sailor; I am capable of doing plumbing work, electric work, carpentry, painting, gardening, landscaping and gourmet cooking.  Basically if something needs to get done I can almost always figure it out, so I am confident of my abilities to tackle just about anything that comes my way.  I will use my skills at problem solving to help re-engineer the Village of Lisle to be an even better place to live, work and raise a family.